Posted by : jody baharizki Monday, November 19, 2012

the story last 3 days is vacation and vacation, we all out for this weekend. before that we went to Grand Indonesia near from Hotel Indonesia.
and at the last holiday we went to Ancol, North Jakarta.

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on  top is map location of Ancol

oke as usual i wanna to upload some pict from there. and hoppely i can give you inspired, enjoy guys.

cover boy haha

second generation of one direction
yeah wherever i go, i didn't lost to take a picture, with my frriend it's like a habit. hahah #LOL
but this a very funny, meaningfull. a picture can rememinded something memorable. if you lost from your friend, or maybe you must leave from here, and if we're succes in time. AMIN

look we're at 2012
look we're at 2012, we dont know we're in 2013,14,15,16.... time over,
while there still young, enjoy everytime we have. but still on the rule of life :D

the real moklet 19 malang
everywhere exist hahaha,
from left : Me, Reza, Bima, Bangkit, Kevin
we're different office but still in jakarta :D

 three handsome man from same boarding house at malang and everyday everytime no time no see
haha but this is it danau poso II g3-e1 team.

hey what's do yo do?
 reza seeing the sea, maybe he was thinking dirty (mbokep) :D
Catwalk? :D
maybe enough for this post :) , because it's first time i post blog with english. i belive my english was broken but whats wrong to try? see you next time

- jody baharizki -

"Today or Too Late"

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